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Typical Timetable

The residential workshop comprises 6 full days on how to make Persian rugs.  Details are below.  Click on Prices to find out the details of the non-residential courses, or contact us for more details.

Day 1 is arrival, settling in, then dinner in the restaurant. 

Day 2 is breakfast at 8am, then it’s the first day of the workshop.  You will learn about your loom, pick your rug design, and make a start on weaving and knotting.  In the evening there is a Persian dinner, followed by a charming black and white silent film from 1924 about migrating tribes of Iran and the old Ottoman Empire.

Days 3 and 4 are a continuation of the workshop.  On one of these days, if the weather is good, we will have aperitifs together in the mountains or at Charlotte’s beautiful old stone house, followed by dinner in the restaurant.

Day 5 is a continuation of the workshop, a Persian dinner, followed by a jewel of a film about the nomadic lifestyle in Southeast Iran, including rug weaving and vegetable dying, full of poetry and colour. 

Day 6 is the penultimate day of the workshop, where you’ll be working hard to make progress on your knotting.  The evening is free to do what you want, but if you want to eat in the restaurant that evening, you can let us know in the morning.

Day 7 is the last day of the workshop, where you’ll be completing your knotting and weaving, taking the rug off the loom, and washing it in a crystal clear mountain stream to make it more supple.  If you haven’t finished knotting, you can take your rug home on the loom, and finish it later.  We will provide the wools you need, and if you have any questions when you get home, we are available by phone or email to help.  Dinner in the restaurant, and admiration of rugs!

Day 8 is breakfast, then departure. 

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One day non-residential workshops now available.  
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